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7. Maria M.   (2009-04-20 1:25 PM)
Все, выхожу 15 ноября замуж. Поздравьте меня! Заходить теперь к вам буду часто.
Answer: Мои поздравления! Впереди - время приятных хлопот.

6. Andrew   (2009-02-17 4:24 PM)
Excellent work!
Answer: Thank you!

5. Sally   (2009-02-05 11:48 AM)
Your website is just GREAT!
A lot of useful info!
I can just feel how you love what you do!!!
I will definitely invite you to be an Entertainer at my next Party!!!

Good Luck! holiday

Answer: Thank you for your emotions ^)

I will be happy to organize a party for you!
Happy Valentines Day!

4. Lucy   (2009-01-27 9:27 PM)
I wanted to write you in december but there is always something wink

I found a lot of useful information for Christmas! Thank you very much for those helpful tips.

Can you provide for some materials about children's birthdays? My son is 6 and every year it is a challenge

Look forward for new materials smile

Answer: Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your attention and kind words!

We are in a process of adding materials to our forum.

Please, find some tips for making St.Valentine's day perfect )

PS. On 28 February we are going to hold a seminar for parents about organizing kid's parties. Invitations, games, tips, ideas, music etc.

We will be happy to see you (it is in Eastcote, Pinner)

For more information, please contact us

3. Elena Simic [events]   (2008-11-10 8:11 PM)
Огромное спасибо за теплые слова. Материалом обещаю пополнять регулярно, надеюсь, что сайт будет полезен тем, кто желает сделать свое торжество чуточку интересней!

Так что заходите, милости просим!

2. Elena Torshina   (2008-10-07 10:28 AM)
You are high professional qualified, jolly, glorious, wonderful, tremendous toaster!!!
Thanks to you our wedding was a wonderful fairy-tale with plenty of humor and love and fun! EVERY our guest had opportunity to do exactly what he wanted: somebody wanted to dance, somebody wanted to sing, somebody wanted to try himself as an actor or a impersonator, somebody wanted to answer the charade… You feel people.
Thank you very much. biggrin

1. Elena Simic [events]   (2008-10-05 10:46 PM)
Welcome to our new website!

Here you can leave your testimonials.

Thank you for your time and support!

Elena Simic


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